Proper construction site preparation leads to creation of a safe environment for productive working. Taking time to prepare a site makes it compliance with the local codes and professional construction standards. Here is a step by step guide for preparing a construction site.

Step 1: Site Clearing

This entails clearing the place where a building will be constructed. The condition is also graded. Site clearing may entail demolition of buildings, tree removal, and removal of underground structures as well as obstacles that can affect the building process or hinder proper completion of the project.

Step 2: Site Surveying

If the building block is not identified clearly using survey pegs, it’s impossible to be certain that the building is being erected on the right block. Site surveying entails marking out the location of the structure. This step is not optional for most permitting and zoning processes. Surveying is basically about translating the construction plan of the contractor into its physical representation on the site.

Step 3: Soil Testing

This should be done before purchasing the site. Soil composition determines the ability of the site to withstand the structure. The soil should be tested to determine if it absorbs water. Essentially, soil testing must be done in most cases before the structural work commences.

Step 4: Plan Designing

Once the soil has been tested and the necessary septic tanks and drainage installed, design modification follows. This indicates where fixtures like the septic systems will be placed. Until the site has been designed, nothing else can be done. A permanent record of the site’s underground should also be made at this step. Any construction site is seen as a living thing. It keeps changing and slight changes caused by rock formations for instance should be recorded for reference in the future.

Step 5: Site Investigation

Geotechnical investigation is done to characterize rocks, groundwater and soil condition. This process entails collection and evaluation of the information about the site’s condition. This is crucial for the purpose of foundation design and construction of the structure.

Following these steps ensures that the site is suitable for construction. Nevertheless, site preparation is a job that should be completed with the help of professionals.