Energy Efficient Features to Have in Your New Home

Building a new home is an exciting but stressful undertaking. After reading a post by a blogger named Art of GT Roofing San Antonio, there are many decisions that you should make especially when it comes to energy efficiency. Installing energy efficient features will save you money that you would spend on hefty energy bills. But most importantly, you play a role in environmental conservation. Here are the top energy efficient features that you should have in your home.

Cool Roof

A cool roof is designed to lower the roofing temperatures by reflecting sunlight. It comes with a reflective material in the roofing materials like shingles, tiles, paint, and other substances. Cool roofs present an energy saving technique that is suitable for homes in warm climates.

Exterior Doors

It’s important that you consider the energy-performance ratings of the exterior doors that you choose for your home. Ratings enable you to know whether the doors that you install are great at saving energy by trapping cool air or heat inside the home.

Window Treatments

Boring curtains can also help in reducing energy costs. Therefore, be specific in your window treatments choice. There are many factors that influence energy efficiency in relation to window treatments. For instance, the color and material of the treatment play a significant role along with how windows close and open.


Insulation plays a very important role of maintaining heat in a home. Proper insulation type helps in trapping heat inside a home. This helps in reducing the costs of heating and cooling a home.


Installation of a fan in a home enables you to keep it cool thereby saving money on air conditioning. Therefore, make sure that you have a fan situated at a strategic location in your home. You can also have fans in different rooms of your home.

These are just some of the energy efficient features that you should have in your new home. A professional contractor will discuss more features with you and guide you to make more informed choices.