Building a Home – 5 Surprising Things You Might Not Know
A house under construction in Sedona Lakes, a master-planned community along County Road 101 just east of Texas 288 in Manvel.

The construction industry is a vast field with a rapidly changing landscape. The industry has experienced several changes in the past years, and a similar trend will continue. As such, there are several things about home building that even savvy builders may not know. Check out the following five surprising facts about construction that most people do not know. 

Concrete is the World’s Most Popular Building Material

Concrete is the most famous building material, which people have used for construction projects worldwide for centuries. The Grand Coulee Dam is currently the world’s largest concrete structure, with over 11,975,521 cubic yards of concrete. 

The World is Currently Facing Construction Workers’ Shortage 

The construction industry is growing fast but faces an acute shortage of workers worldwide, hindering it from meeting the housing demand. Many firms now have to offer highly competitive benefits packages to attract workers. 

Women Account for Only 10.9% of Construction Workers 

Women make up for about 47% of the entire labor force but, only a handful are in the construction industry. A majority of them work in office settings, leaving very few on construction sites today. 

Drone Use in the Construction Industry Has Increased 239% in the Past Year 

Technology has revolutionized the construction industry in many ways, including improved safety and efficiency. Drones are among the main drivers behind that revolution, whose usage in the construction industry has grown by more than 239% in the past year. 

Construction Rentals Contribute 47% of the Construction Industry Revenue 

Construction rentals enable builders and project developers to reduce costs significantly. Reliable reports indicate construction rental sales now account for 47% of the entire sector’s revenues and are expected to increase to about $59 billion in 2021. That makes them a critical part of the construction sector. 

The rapid changes experienced in the construction industry have ensured several things go unnoticed. However, knowledge is a powerful tool you should possess to understand those changes and how they impact the different aspects of the home building today.