Arturo of GT Roofing, the expert in the San Antonio roof repair industry says that building a pet-friendly home requires proper thought and a lot of planning when it comes to the design of the spaces and structural features. Today, there are various alternatives for building safer homes for pets that you can integrate into your building plan. The following are some of the best ways to build a house that is safer for pets. 


When building a home that you will share with pets, flooring is one of the most important elements to look into. The best flooring materials that will make your house safer for pets include linoleum, ceramic tiles, wood laminate, and concrete. These materials are not only highly durable but, also eco-friendly and easy to clean. 


The windows are considered to be a significant safety risk for many kinds of pets including cats, dogs, and birds. Smaller pets are prone to falling out of windows. Besides, the windows can also attract predators into the house, causing harm to your pets. To avoid such risks, your house should have secure latches. 

Pet Play Areas 

Generally, pets love both indoor and outdoor environments. Although some often spend most of their time indoors, they will also need to get out of the house from time to time. To ensure that your pets can safely play indoors and outdoors, you should include designated play areas with the right features that they need. 


Proper lighting is also important for the safety of your pets at home. When building a house, you should make sure that there are adequate windows and other structural features to maximize the use of natural light. Besides, you should also include sufficient artificial lighting fixtures to properly illuminate the home. 

Building a house that is safer for pets requires different kinds of features and measures but, the ones discussed above should take precedence. They are easier to implement and also more cost-effective.